With our access to MLS data, we can perform a wide variety of analytics related to market trends and sales opportunities, as well as providing answers to specific questions.

Example: High-Value Flips in the Austin Metro Area

We were asked to identify where the highest value property flips are occuring in the Austin, TX metro area. Using our analytic tools, we built the interactive map below to visually indicate where the hottest flip areas are (a Green paddle with a dot had the best flip results).

The map shows properties that have resold between April, 2012 and July, 2013 and that had a resale value at least 50% larger that the initial sales value. The Green paddle indicates where the value increased 50 - 100% and the Green Dot paddle indicates an increase of greater than 100%. You can click on an individual paddle to learn more about property and amount of increase.

50% - 100% Gain    100% or more Gain